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CorelDRAW Surpac Import Application

Mining Solutions is pleased to announce the release of the CorelDRAW Surpac Import Application.


This application runs within CorelDRAW and allows the seamless import of Surpac data into CorelDRAW streamlining the data flow from source to presentation.


CorelDRAW Surpac Import Application



CorelDRAW Surpac Import Application





The CorelDRAW Surpac Import application allow users to quickly and seamlessly import Surpac data into CorelDRAW for processing and other enhancement.


The CorelDRAW Surpac Import application allows plotting of:

  • Strings, String Data & String annotation

  • Points, Point Data & Point annotation

  • Grid Lines

  • Basic Title Blocks

  • File Summary or Header annotation


The CorelDRAW Surpac Import application allows user control of the selection of:

  • Selection of Page Size & Orientation and Plot Scale

  • View Plan, Long or X-Sectional View


All data is maintained on separate CorelDraw layers for ease of post processing.


The CorelDRAW Surpac Import application has been tested in CorelDRAW X5, X6 and X7.


A Free Trial version is available and is limited to an approximate 2 month operating window and display a start-up screen but is otherwise unrestricted.

Coming Soon

Excel Data Tables
A Definitive Tutorial





Excel Data Tables appear simple on the surface but through correct use can open your workbooks to flexibility in input & reporting and the use of techniques like Montecarlo Simulation without expensive add-ins


The Tutorials include :

  • How to Use data Tables

  • Data tables to manage scenarios

  • Using data tables for Monte carlo Analysis

  • Advanced Data Table usage


The Tutorials are full Hi Res Video and include all workbooks developed in the tutorial.


Purchasers also recieve 6 mmonths of free support from the author on issues related to their use of the techniques discussed in the course.

Coming Soon

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